Discussing a clearance

When asking for advice about jobs and careers, especially as a Security Clearance holder, should I mention my clearance or keep it confidential?

You can list your clearance on your resume, and it certainly isn’t a secret. But in the context of career advice, think about if it’s really useful for the other person to know. If you’re specifically seeking out advice relative to your clearance, it’s fine to mention, but it’s not something I’d lead with at a private sector networking event.


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First rule of fight club is…we don’t talk about fight club. That is a joke, Lindy is right, and I am sure if she and I had a buck for every person telling people you cannot tell others about that…we could buy lunch a few times a month. If applying for a cleared position by all means speak to it. In any other situation it has zero relevance like getting out of a traffic ticket, etc. And I have had people try to use this as a ticket fixer.

Thank you for responding.