TS/SCI Indoctrination Briefing (Reading)

I recently had the TS/SCI indoctrination briefing or “reading”. Can I now put the designation TS/SCI on my résumé?

I would only put it on your resume if you are targeting a certain company. I would put instead have a secret clearance or higher. You really do not want to publically say you have a TS/SCI. You become a target.

Yes, you can put it on your resume. You just cannot list the specific access. My suggestion: when you do your resume, always send it to your Program Security Office or the agency’s security office to vent and approve.

As @krazyk784 alluded, be extremely careful where you share your resume. Obviously, it is not advisable to post it on those public job boards such as indeed.com, careerbuilder.com, et cetera.

Thank you both for the information.

Anytime! I have to do something to do while I wait for my clearance. Congratulations on getting your TS/SCI. If you don’t mind but can you share your timeline. Many of us like to see timelines. It gives us hope to keep on holding strong.