What gets disclosed to your employer?

I just accepted a job with a company who may want me to get a security clearance. I currently work a normal W-2 job which does not require a security clearance. I intend on keeping my current job and working this new job. There is no conflict of interest between the two companies but technically they are two 40 hour W-2 jobs so I’m not sure if each company will like me working these jobs concurrently. My worry is if I start up the security clearance background review process I will have to disclose all of my employment.

  1. During this process will my new employer find out about what I disclose (i.e: I have another full time job)?
  2. Would working two concurrent W-2 jobs be considered a disqualifing attribute for the security clearanc
  3. Will the investigator disclose what the circumstances are for which I am getting a security clearance when they call my first employer? I understand they will most likely need to call my employer but I can always say it’s for potential jobs unless the investigator discloses too much.

Other than this I have a clean background and not worried about the screening process. I actually had a Q clearance with the DoD (received in 2010) but left the government in 2014.

Hardest part is juggling the workload between the two. Someone will notice a decrease in production somewhere and it will lead to questions.

Also, you may not think there is a conflict of interest, but either employer may feel otherwise and their decision will be final.

40 hours a week is more than enough.

Not sure why you want to hide the new job. It is perfectly legal, and if both employers agree (this is key) there are no issues. What it sounds like is you want to bill both companies for the same hours worked.

They are full time W-2 positions, hence 40 hour work weeks. I dont clock in and clock out. I need to be available 8 hours a day for each job and execute my job duties to the standards set, which I can do. I don’t really want to get into those details as it’s not relevant to my question. I am asking how much will be disclosed to my employers.

Sounds like you are planning on working 40 hours, and getting paid for 80 hours.
Someone is getting screwed in that deal (probably both employers, and by extension the government if you are working on a contract).
Contractors and the government aren’t taking time mischarging lightly…
Do you really want to jeopardize your career / clearance by making this kind of decision?


Not sure why you keep stressing this.

Since you seem so hesitant to tell your current employer and future employer about the other job, it sounds like you will be double billing hours, which is fraud.

Not sure why you want to risk your future.

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This has red flags all over it. Best to get ok from both employers in writing, no muss, no fuss.

If your first reaction is to not want to do that, then you have your answer.

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Understood, sounds like this might be a bad idea. I appreciate all of the input.