Is it possible to pass a SOR without paying debts?

I was marked for failing to meet financial obligations and I addressed and described my plan to pay each individual debt, however, I’m currently unemployed and I have been mostly through the application through the TESI.

did you receive an SOR? It will describe what you need to do to mitigate the issues, if your not paying them since your unemployed, I would get employed. Work anywhere and two jobs if necessary.

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Merlin is correct. Take anything, and make payments. Even if you need unemployment benefits and a part time job. You may need renegotiate the payment plan you set up due to not working but getting into a repayment plan is the first step, following through and demonstrating good faith by making payments is the next.

There shouldn’t be much of a reason to be unemployed these days. There are more posted job openings than there are unemployed people. You need to show that you are trying to be responsible about your debts. You need to take whatever work is available and continue payment plans if you want to get cleared.

What do mean when you say that you were “marked”? In order to give you advice, we need to know what is actually going on.

I’ve been trying my very best to get employed despite there not being much of a good reason. I was told this clearance process would take 3-4 months and by now it’s been nearly 10 months and so I’ve been indecisive although I did work three months. I paid a major debt off and demonstrated a payment plan for all of my other debts except one where I instead, in detail, described my plan to pay the debt. I had a total of four debts (one major debt paid off being rent related), two others are school loans with payment plans included and the last one is a medical debt in active dispute. Moreover, there’s unpaid tax for two years, however, I have paid a significant amount but didn’t provide documentation to prove it, I instead provided my plan to immediately continue making payments once I’m fully employed again. I live in a city, I held a temporary job for three months until about March and I’m participating in a staffing agency (I provided a letter from the staffing agency). Lastly, I disclosed that I should be employed by this month thanks to a job referral from my friend. I have tried my absolute best to mitigate, I strongly feel that my unemployment is out of my hands, but, I’m not sure if it qualifies as mitigating. At this point, I am ready to work minimum wage and reapply for Federal government work when my finances are under control, all I could do is try my best.

I think this is the best course of action in your situation, get your finances under control, then reapply. It will take at least a year to clear so continue to pay down your debts. Ideally, you should have no debts when you apply other than a mortgage, auto loan, and one maybe two credit cards with low limits. Your delinquent debts should be paid off with less than 2k left over. Do anything and everything to pay them off, I was in a similar situation in my early thirties and I delivered pizza, and sold cars, and bused tables. All this along with raising my three children at the time, it can be done if you really want it to be done.


Definitely accept “keep the lights on” money jobs. Meaning even minimum wage. It shows fortitude, will, and intention to earn and pay as you can. Divorce through me for a major loop but I clawed my way back after a 40% drop in income, no work for 6 months as well as being a single dad and paying spousal support. Keep in contact with the creditors, and keep renegotiating as needed.