Student Loans in collection

I am applying for Confidential Clearance for the military and I have three private loans in collections. I have been unemployed for 9 months and minimally employed, such as pickup jobs paying a few hundred for the gig. What should I do to help get the clearance?

I haven’t been employed so I can’t make any payments, so I have been holding off talking to the collectors until I find out what the people doing my investigation will want to me to do. It’s less than two years salary so getting the job would allow me to pay my debts but I am currently broke so I am concerned about talking to the collectors before i actually have a way of paying them.

Can anyone give advice on what I should be doing to help this process?

If you can’t setup payment arrangements there isn’t much more you can do. Counting on this job to pay your debts doesn’t look great either. I would find a part time job somewhere, and setup payment plans ASAP.