During my investigstion I was asked about whether I was aware of owing monies to a university I took a few classes apprx 6 years ago. The alleged debt is not reflected on my credit report and I have not received any letters over the years. My secret clearance was conducted back in 2009 and granted in 2010 with no issues. Im now going through a SSBI due to the required clearance being higher. I have reached out to the school without getting through to someone able to assist me. At this point Im not sure what to do nor how this would affect the granting of my clearance. Any guidance is helpful. Thanks

Sounds like when an investigator went to the university to verify your education records they also found the owed debt because they will not release transcripts when someone still owes a debt. If that is the only issue then it should not prevent you from getting cleared, but I would still keep trying to follow up with the school registrar just to get it cleared up.

Yes, this was the only issue. It just caught me off guard (Financial aid was used for all of the universities I have ever attended and are still in forbearance). Especially since I have completed and obtained 2 master degrees in 2009 and 2011 from another university I attended in 2009 as well. Thank you for responding to my post.