SOR for Unfiled and Unpaid Taxes

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I received a SOR for unfilled and unpaid taxes for 6 years. Some were filed and some were not. I was honest about the situation on the questionnaire and decided to hire a lawyer to assist with the SOR response. I am nearing the end of my timeline for providing a response. I just feel nervous about this process; however, I did set up payment arrangements and had all my taxes filed. I paid off the years I was able to pay off. I provided receipts and tax transcripts as well as character letters from numerous colleagues that I’ve worked for. My lawyer hasn’t said I should be good but he said he has seen worse situations. Im just nervous about potentially losing my job. Any advice?

To be on the safe side I’d brush off the resume and start looking. Not meant as a scare tactic, but better to be prepared. Besides, never hurts to keep the interviewing skills sharp.

Good luck.

And obviously, file/pay taxes on time in the future.

As I mentioned in response to a similar thread (who knows maybe it was this one), the thing that trips people up here is when they have only started working to clear up tax issues AFTER they find out it will be a problem for a clearance, or even if it just looks like that.

If there’s one thing they take a very dim view of, it is not paying taxes.

yeah, if I was forced to pick 3 top things to not have in your background when considering a clearance, tax evasion (intentional or not) would be up there.