Security clearance SOR

Hello. I need guidance. I am a military member going through an SOR process since 10/2017. I turned in my first correspondence on 10/31/2017 and received a follow up SOR of my first one reviewing if I have started paying off my delinquent debt. That was turned in on 12/18/2017 and still awaiting for a reply back on the second issue of the correspondence. I believe this is taking longer than expected but! I need to know are they going to grant me a 6 month and a review or a full SECRET clearance for 10 years?

My main question is that I moved a payment around approx 1500 dollars left and a going to pay that off on my tax return. I had to move this payment around ontop of this due to my pay rate is not correct and certain times the pay was higher than the other ones due too a miss code on their half but being debited on future pay checks. My leadership knows about my pay also moving a payment around due to my shorter pay checks. I went against my SOR originally on the first one on 10/31/2017. Am I still going to get a clearance just to move a payment around, still will pay it, wont be now.