Is this normal attorney advice?

“I would not volunteer more information; while being sure to provide full, frank, complete, candid, and honest responses. So if asked – disclose. But, if not asked, don’t volunteer?”

Since I am neither normal nor an attorney, I cannot respond to the original question. But I think this is good advice, since it will help keep the interview focused. Because if you volunteer something that is at all relevant, the investigator isn’t going to ignore it, but is more or less compelled to dig into it to get all the details.

So do the both of you a favor and follow this bit of advice.

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Good advice for all aspects of life.


Just remember though, the government/DOHA considers the security questionnaire to be the first time you are “asked”. This is why so many in here tell everyone to answer the questions literally without personal filters/interpretations.

Yeah this is pretty sound. Answer only what is being asked of you. You have no obligation to provide additional information outside that of what is being asked.

I think a bit more context is needed. What is the event/incident this advice is given for?

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