Issues with dating a green card holder if you have a TS/SCI

Hi there, I have been a contractor for over 15 years with a TS/SCI and more… I was married for much of time time and now divorced for over 6 years. started using a dating site and met someone I find amazing to be with, I just found out that she has a green card. She has been in this country for almost 5 years now, has a good job, US degree, originally from the Ukraine. Just wanted to be clear on the back ground. I am of course going to report to my FSO about her.

My question is how will this affect my clearance if I continue to stay involved with her? This is all new territory for me and I am not sure what to do.

Dating a non-U.S. citizen is an issue for those with SCI access and you will have to provide detailed information about her and her family for the adjudicators to review and evaluate.