Relative with Green Card Holder - TS/SCI with Full Scope Poly

I just completed my full scope poly for TS/SCI and the investigator told me she would report it as successful.
One concern that I have is I’m a naturalized US citizen with clean records with excellent credit history. All my immediate family and relatives are all naturalized US citizen with one exception. My uncle is a green card holder. Also, every year, my family go to Caribbean area for vacation (Cancun, Bahamas, Dominique Republic, etc) and other European countries such as Praque, Paris, Barcelona, etc. But we don’t stay long, most of the vacation ranges from 4 days to 10 days.

  1. Would any of these factors cause any issue?
  2. Also, what is the average timeframe for the TS/SCI from submitting SF 86 to adjudication? My SF86 was submitted in late April and my poly was done late July. I heard from one of the investigators that he’s supposed submit all his report about my background investigation by mid of July. It sounds things are moving pretty fast.

Thank you.