It’s About to be 3 months I messed up

Ok so basically tryna make my credit better I destroyed it. I was at 640 now I’m below 600. I tried to dispute Somethings and opened another credit to boost my credit score. I got the card maxed it out then paid it off. But what I didn’t know is credit utilization. This sh!t literally lowered my score like a bad SAT in high school. I paid the card off but the damage is done. And all this took place in one month. My question is if the pull my credit which seems to me they haven’t yet what would they say. Because when I initially turned my SP In I was well above 600 now I’m in a ridiculous climb back. Over 30 freakin days.

They don’t look at credit scores. They look, basically, at payment history.


I usually pay my credit card twice or three times a month. I never let the debt roll over into the next month. I never spend more than what I can afford. If I cannot afford then, then I don’t need it. When I purchased my house, my score dropped drastically. I recovered it shortly after by following this method. I don’t have more than one credit card. Also leave some money in your checking account.


Well I could afford the card hence I paid off the same month, it was the credit utilization that messed me up

If you made the payments, you will have no trouble. They look for accounts that have been 30, 60 or 90 or more behind. It doesn’t sound like you are in that area at all.

You will be just fine.


Well I do have two accounts in Delinquency back in 2012 I was 22 but I told them, and I told them I negotiated a lump sum payment of about $3000 for both accounts in total would while my debt away only got like 600 left in student loans. But I’ve been paying that every month never missed a payment.

Utilization changes from month to month when they report. Keep it under 30% and make sure you are aware of the reporting date to ensure your payment gets recorded before they transmit.

Set up auto pay and payment notifications. Never missed a payment in 17 years…

I love using my credit card for points, rewards, and tracking day to day purchases. Some times my score fluctuates 20-30 points a month.

Anyway 95+% utilization will always push you towards bottom 600s.