Just Learned a Foreign National I'm Dating Has an Expired Visa What Should I Do?

Tonight (3/19) i just learned from my foreign national girlfriend who i reported on previously (i filled out a foreign national contact form) has an expired visa and had been living in the US since. I was at a loss for words when she told me this and now i don’t know what to do and now im terrified of consequences to me. Any suggestions on what i need to do would be great. I just want to do the right thing.

I think you need to report this to your security officer and be very careful. Is this a ploy for marriage? Is there a reason it’s expired? covid? death? illness? laziness? reading comprehension?

She told me she was using a travel visa and she stayed in the country longer than she should of. The visa being expired doesn’t seem to be a ploy for marriage necessarily because she wasnt rushing the relationship. Its hard to tell why she let it lapse it may have been laziness. I dont know exactly.

You are REQUIRED to report it and that Requirement may be to law enforcement.

Not sure if it is for Contractors, but it was required to be reported to Law Enforcement when i was GS

You should really try to convince her to do the right thing. Now that you know all this.

Where are you getting your information from. Yes it is required to be properly reported, but DCSA does NOT report undocumented residents to law enforcement. There are very few circumstances that would warrant DCSA reporting case information to law enforcement an example would be someone getting hurt.

Not reporting federal crimes while working as a federal employee is the same as being an accessory after the fact, especially in this situation. DCSA is not a law enforcement entity.

Per DNI policy the IC is a mandatory reporter of crimes related to Title 28, United States Code, Section 535(b).

I appreciate your attempt to call me out. However, undocumented presence in the United States is only criminally punishable if it occurs after an individual was previously formally removed from the United States and then returned without permission. Being present in the United States without legal documentation is in itself not a crime. Though some of the ways of entering the US may be considered federal crimes, the act of being here without legal documentation is not considered a federal crime.

So, LIKE I SAID, DCSA does NOT report undocumented status to law enforcement. AND there are very FEW things we uncover that do actually get reported, for EXAMPLE, someone getting hurt.

I have actually uncovered federal law violations during an investigation and I am pretty sure the person involved is now regretting their poor choices… MOST of the time, information from our investigations does not go to law enforcement.

Thank you for your arrogance, but maybe next time stay in your lane. JS


I think speeding on a federal military base is a federal crime but I have not yet reported all the people I see doing it! Reasonable discretion and reasonable expectations are hard things for some.

I hope you are right about DCSA for the future. I feel most federal civil servants throughout the government do the morally and constitutionally right and ethical thing on a day to day basis but I see many people in my community worry about the behaviors of possible future elected leaders regarding the reporting of their undocumented relatives.

Overstaying a VISA is a crime and since 9/11 been a more serious matter. No one said anything about undocumented. A VISA holder is a documented person. They would have to be to have gotten in the country legally. You not knowing that makes me glad you aren’t in a Law enforcement capacity.

Just because you don’t like the policy set out by leadership doesn’t change that facts.

You either support DNI policy or you don’t. If you don’t , may want to go into another field. Your feelings are yours alone. Not anyone else’s issue.

Incompetence or inability to follow rules or policy also does not change the fact.

I gave you the policy and law. What you do or don’t do with it is up to you. But at the very least lets not act like All IC members or LEO are cognizant of the rules; you just proved you aren’t.

Lol. You keep thinking that. This information is easily looked up but apparently you are too smart to check your “facts”. My “opinion” has nothing to do with it nor have I even voiced my opinion.

I already posted the policy. What is it about it that you don’t understand? I can maybe hold your hand in explaining to you if you need.

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Your issue is misinterpreting the law you are referencing. I never said there were not instances where information would be reported. In fact, I said there were instances… in the case of an undocumented resident, DCSA is not turning them in and the mere undocumented status in and of itself is not criminal. You obviously do not have a firm grasp on immigration laws and are trying to make them meet your agenda.

I said nothing about “instances”. The Policy and law makes no distinction with different laws, it says all state and federal laws.

You conflated VISA overstays and holders with “undocumented”, they are not undocumented. The absurdity of that comment speaks volumes on how little you understand the law and couldn’t be further from the truth.

Thank God you are not a LEO.

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If everyone started reporting all state and federal crimes to law enforcement, the system and mechanisms in place would crash from overload. I’ve seen it done as a matter of protest in college towns regarding alcohol. There is a reasonable expectation of everyone’s discretion and good judgement. Do we want law enforcement’s to pursue current violent criminals or categorize administrative violators and/or those who “might” commit violent crimes in the future. No department has unlimited financial/human resources.

Maybe, maybe not. But that’s up to the agency you report it to on if they want to investigate.

Over reporting over enforcement overload is a thing that quantum computing hasn’t yet solved.
There’s a reason the case papers tell Subject’s not to list traffic citations under $300. Think of it as a “Beyonce breaking the internet” type of thing.

I believe the cost of citations is also a tell on what the violations was. Speeding can lead to reckless driving, etc…for example.

I think you should promptly inform the recipient of the foreign national form about your girlfriend’s expired visa to be transparent.