Keeping clearance with an OTH discharge?

To start off with, I know I messed up and it’s my fault, but I failed too many PT Tests and was told that I will be receiving an OTH discharge from the Army Reserves. Now I already work as a contractor with a TS/SCI, will I be able to keep my job and my clearance? Do I let my job know? What do I do?

You won’t get an OTH for failing PT tests…

Yup, what @dave019 said. There has got to be more to the story than a few failed PT tests. Failed PT tests trigger administrative separation processing and a MEB. The separation characterization from the ADSEP or MEB is either Honorable or General under honorable conditions. OTH discharges are reserved for misconduct.

Becareful and make sure your new company will take your clearance. When I got out of the military the Army dropped my clearance from a TS/SCI to a Secret clearance. Were you a 35F?