OTH discharge 30 years ago

I received an OTH discharge from the Navy 30 years ago. I was in the Nuclear Power Program as an ET2 or reactor operator and graduated Nuke Power School and assigned to a submarine though never got fully qualified. The Navy version of my discharge was malingering and that is the basis for my OTH discharge status. Again, this was 30 years ago and I’ve never been in any kind of trouble since leaving the Navy.

I’m currently in the job market after 15 years with the trucking/logistics company Ryder and I was with ATT for 7 years before that. I’m curious if I would still be barred from a job requiring a security clearance based upon my Navy discharge status?

Anything that happened 3o years ago is a non-issue for any level of security clearance. Nothing to worry about.

I’m presuming you are looking at jobs that require a security clearance, is that correct, or are you asking if your OTH discharge will prevent you from even being hired in a federal position?

If you are asking about security clearance investigations, then you will complete a security questionnaire that will ask about your military history and discharge. You will be interviewed and all details obtained. An OTH does not preclude you from getting a clearance.

I read a DOHA case the other day where a guy got his clearance taken because he had an OTH. Something about the way the question is asked. I think it’s like, “Have you ever been discharged from military with anything but Honorable conditions?” Something like that. I can’t speak for myself, but i know my brother wasn’t able to get a clearance or atleast a Secret with OTH but look into it.