Security Clearance Job & OTH Discharge

Is it possible to get a security clearance for a job with an OTH Discharge? I got discharged from the Marine Corps Reserve for missing drills. Our unit was very bad (not getting paid, not having chow for everyone, make us pay for our own hotels, and the list goes on) and had a lot people quit going to drill, so it’s not just me. Anyways, I don’t have a criminal record, not even a parking or speeding ticket. The job I’m interviewing with does work for the government, so need a clearance. If I’m honest about my discharge, will get approved?

I read on this website for Security Clearance FAQ: What types of things can prevent someone from receiving a security clearance? • discharge or dismissal from the Armed Forces under dishonorable conditions

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

There is no law or rule that states one cannot get a security clearance if the have an OTH discharge. However, it will most certainly result in an interview and possibly a statement of reasons being issued. The reasons of why you were discharged will be the concern and in your case fall under Personal Conduct regarding employment and a pattern of unreliable behavior, absenteeism, and the failure to follow rules, order, and regulations. There are factors that may help mitigate the concerns and you stated some of them in your scenario.

Thanks for your response. Does the employer know anything discussed in the clearance process, or is it strictly confidential and between the case worker and myself? Also, roughly how long is the approval process? Would I be starting work before the clearance is approved, or after?

I feel confident that I would be approved, being that overall I have good moral standards and no pattern of misconduct as a civilian or in the military.

Employers are not given the reasons for a clearance denial, a statement of reasons or specific issues in a case. These are communicated directly to the subject of the investigation through the security officer acting as liaison. There is no telling how long the process is or what the policy for the company hiring you is regarding starting work.