Keeping student status during adjudication (+1 yr and counting)

I applied for an internship requiring TS/SCI w/ polygraph in 10/2017, which was meant to take place in the summer of 2018. My investigation began in 08/2018, and finished in 11/2018. I’ve been in adjudication ever since - no polygraph or real changes of any kind. The organization in question indicates that the position requires me to maintain current student status, so I’ve had my university hold my approved Master’s thesis in limbo so that I technically haven’t graduated. I worry that in applying to positions that don’t require a clearance in the meantime, that my technically not having the Master’s degree will bite me in the rear. Now that I’ve been in adjudication for over a year, I guess I’m wondering if sending an email and getting my Master’s degree will cause a chain reaction ending in my clearance getting tossed out on a technicality. I’m looking to gauge how plausible this worst-case scenario is, so that I can weigh that against the risk that not having my degree poses to me. Any help would be much appreciated.

This is one those, “What’s more important to you” issues . . . I never advise putting your life on hold to apply for a clearance. You could have your master’s degree and a good job but you’re holding that up for an internship? I’m not sure that makes sense to be but maybe I missed something?

Nothing missed, I just failed to mention several things. My Master’s was purpose-built for an intelligence career. I actually have a stable job (great benefits, almost adequate pay), but not in a field that there’s any future in. I guess they didn’t notice that my Master’s Degree wasn’t on the books yet. I need the clearance to get my career in intelligence started, the fact that it is attached to an internship from 2018 is just the way that panned out. It’s corny yes, but this potential career is something I’ve dreamed of and suffered over for a long time, so there’s a lot of emotion wrapped up in it, and this internship (more the clearance it comes with) is quite valuable to me. At least more so than an internship would normally imply. Appreciate honesty here - like I said, lot of emotion involved, so I may not be approaching the situation rationally.

Why dont you just complete your masters and apply as an employee? Do you really think your internship from 2018 is still valid?

None of this makes logical sense. As others have said, finish your degree and move on. There will be other internship opportunities if you feel you need the experience. Hold on to your full-time job while you have it.

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You’re right. Time to cut the cord. I’ll email the Department Chair posthaste. I’m almost as embarrassed for the system that creates such absurdities as I am embarrassed at myself for having had faith in it for so long. Felt like as long is it was technically alive, it might swing around one day like some Deus ex machina to solve all of my problems. Not gonna plan my life around it any longer.

It’s not an absurdity at all. You seem to have made it one. Internships are for students, not graduates. To continue working toward your internship, you need to be a student. But, gaming the system by delaying the publication of your thesis isn’t in anyone’s interest and is somewhere underhanded on your part. Even if you received that advice.

The internship was intended for graduate students, and I applied one month into my first year of grad school. There’s really no need to pile on. I’ll find some other way to make it. Hopefully one that doesn’t involve “gaming the system”.

I’m not piling on . . . you seem to think that there’s something wrong with the system. There isn’t. Internships are for students. If your not a student, you shouldn’t be trying to take up an internship.

See what I mean?

Ed I have to respectfully disagree with you. The clearance system is on some levels a failure, that’s why we now have such a big push to revamp it. The hoops I had to jump through during my almost 3 years of processing for a TS/SCI was morale crushing. And I know many good people the government loses because of the numerous flaws within our system. This guy applied in October 2017, waiting indefinitely in limbo. I absolutely agree you can’t wait for this sort of thing and need to live your life. Easier said than done especially when your on the outside with 0 insight, I remember that feeling very well. An inefficient system forced him into attempting to jump through hoops.

Chad, I will say I am incredibly happy in my career and it was worth it. I hope everything works out for you. I too specifically got a very specific degree to pursue a particular career

With all due respect, we were not talking about the clearance system in general (about which you and I might disagree) but this young man’s situation in particular.

I may have inferred incorrectly. When he said “the system”, my mind jumped to the clearance process, as that seems to be the biggest pain point.