Keypoint full time employee BI job...I'm interviewing now...? As bad as it seems?

I aint working past late- or weekends … I is a college Gradumate :slight_smile:

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Mrs Costanza: “Why don’t you want to take a civil service test?”
George: “I’m a college graduate. You want me to be a mailman?”

Has anything changed with KGS since Dec '16 and today? I recently applied for a level 1 BI job just as the original poster did. The reviews on Indeed and Glassdoor are still bad, and the commentary on this blog has raised further red flags for me. Is it worth pursuing this job type at one of the other contractor companies? Any information is appreciated. Thank you.

I’d suggest starting fresh with the new vendors.

Go for it. Just be prepared to hate your life.

A former S/A friend of mine recently quit after a year as an FTE. He said it was the worst year of his life and he never worked less than 7 days a week. He said his whole disposition became negative and he was always angry. Which was the exact opposite of how he’d been his whole life. He called it a “flesh-eating job”. The whole time he worried about being fired for not completing- on time- the work he was assigned. Or conversely, fired for working off the clock. He didn’t give a sh*t about the job or the company as he was already retired. He was just extremely conscientious and had never been fired or let go from a job and he didn’t want to start now.

On this blog there have been a few people talking about how contractor CSRA has been very good to them. CSRA is a legit and large government contractor and I’ve been impressed by them in the little exposure I’ve had to them (doing work in Northern Virginia). See if CSRA is looking for BI’s in your area. Maybe go ahead with KGS and jump ship to CSRA at first opportunity.

My question is, what if you decide to rescind the “conditional offer of employment” and never have the Bi completed and will they try to make you pay? Or if the Bi comes back negative

I too would love the answer to this question. I have not certified the SF86 and I’m stressing to death about terminating this process before the background investigation is done.