KeyPoint Get's Hacked?

Word today was we got hacked. Not a lot of information was put out but are we going through this again?

Yep, you did.

Not to worry. OPM not going to do anything to KPGS. OPM despised USIS, so they were marked men and women from get-go. But CACI & KPGS? Not a chance.

No Stop work order either, which basically confirms what issuedetector says.

True but management is still scrambling and we were told changes are on the way by the Field Manager on how we operate with computers…

I wonder if USIS will be able to appeal or file a grievance for such differing treatment for both contractors with similar issues (although obviously USIS had other issues as well). But the final straw for USIS was the breach. So it’s a little strange that OPM didn’t respond in a similar way to KGS (stop work order). It’s interesting.

Filing a grievance against the federal government? Unlikely victory.

No, filing a grievance period is unlikely however, the trust in KGS has rapidly decreased. I mean you get messages from your Field Manager on production rates and expected goals and no extensions on cases (not CD) but ACD metrics and you think you are working for a insurance company….