Lies by employer

I am a Naturalized citizen (previous Top secret clearance in UK) I Have worked in a career I loved for over a decade in the Uk, I then married my American husband and we started a family, now living in the US. I took a job with a local thrift store (not what I want to do, just a taste of working in the US) and initially it was fine, then the manager left and a new woman took over who instantly turned the atmosphere toxic, she would talk about staff behind their backs, make up terrible lies to make herself look good, just an awful human being, I’d only been there 70 days and I went to hand in my resignation , before I could even sit down she said ‘Yeah it’s not working out, you need to leave’ I didn’t even question it, I was so happy to walk out of that place and never see her again. My question is, can she effect my clearance? I know she is not professional and will certainly try and besmirch my character, can this individual thwart my chances? I’ve had a very successful career, good education, excellent experience and I feel that none of it will matter if this unprofessional woman lies about me over a tiny period working in a thrift store.

The U.S. looks at the “whole person” and not what a couple people who may or may not have severe animus might say.

Kingsmen are trying to take over but Channing Tatum won’t allow it.


Ah wonderful, I’m not even sure that she would be interviewed, but my interviewer asked about the job and I gave him the details. This wasn’t even a job I wanted or needed it was just something to do in term time. Cheers.