List trips to Mexico on sf86?

People that live near the border often cross into Mexico, does each trip need to be listed on sf86? Even if its a one day trip?

If you can remember exact trips, list them.

If not, there is a “many short trips” option.

Ugh - it still has to be explained be that on the form or during the interview.

I’ve never had any problems using it. “From 2012-2016, the subject traveled to Mexico about twice per year for vacation purposes. The exact dates are not recalled.” Done.


@investigator721 I suppose that would only work if the subject lived near the border during that period? I mean, somebody from Iowa would probably not be able to do that, correct?


Yes, that is correct.

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My favorite is the applicant that lives in Denver and makes “many short trips” from 1992-Present to Ireland, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, and Algiers.

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“Many short trips to Hawaii and Puerto Rico.” No. Just no.

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Laugh but I have seen Subjects try to list Guam and Puerto Rico as foreign travel.

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That’s just an indictment of the US education system.

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Our ego-centric culture is more to blame.

Some Subjects (yes,plural) have told me that Canada and Mexico are part of the US since you can drive there - so no need to list those trips!!


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