Concerned with Foreign Travel reporting and PR

Looking for some insight into how extensively they look into prior military service records during the PR process? I may have some unreported foreign travel to Mexico that is not on my military service record (as these were weekend trips that were not reported to my security manager) - but I put it on my SF-86 for the PR. I know this is wrong and i am attempting to get them on my record.

Simply put: Is unreported/unauthorized foreign travel an automatic disqualifier for a PR? I would assume so…but how seriously do they take these things if you report? Unless they reach back to my previous unit or cross reference my military record…I am having a hard time seeing how they would determine which travel was authorized and which was not. Not looking for criticism with my bad decisions…but rather a straight forward explanation of the process. Thanks in advance.

I don’t think I would be too concerned. You reported it and as you noted you are attempting to correct your service record. It’s better to be up front about it than to try and conceal it.

The best thing you can do for yourself is get out a note pad and make a very detailed timeline of these occurrences, anyone you may have had repeat contact with during said events and exactly what the purpose of said contacts was. If for instance, all you did was go to Tijuana while you were based in san diego, I’m guessing you will probably find you’re not the only one :slight_smile:

I’m guessing that, at the time of these trips, you were "young, dumb and . . . "

Youthful indiscretions are much more easily mitigated than something you did in your 30’s. It also only short trips across the border, not a month long trek through central China.

On a side note, seven or eight years ago, my family was planning a trip to Canada. I went and reported the plans to my FSO and she said, “Why are you telling me?”

I asked her to put that into an email!