Looking for a good contractor for DoD work

I’m looking for a security check background company that can easily compete for a govt. contract. I’d like to avoid one of the large “Beltway Bandits” if possible. Small business is just fine as long as it has the capacity to flex for a quick turnaround, and meet milestones.
With that said, here is what I’m looking for: I need screening and background checks COMPLETED for 2,300 individual cases BEFORE 10 SEP 15, and year-after demand will probably be something like 350 cases/yr. Need pre-employment screening (doc collection showing certs) similar to HR onboarding process. Background checks? 1. Local Agency Check 2. FBI fingerprint (connected to OPM) 3. CNACI. Also the company needs some type of user-friendly software that can track cases beginning to end, and burp out a detailed status report on demand. Global casework, but most CONUS. Must be able to initiate CNACI, adjudicate cases and connect to OPM. I’m looking for something quick, so any suggestions are appreciated as long as you’re talking about a real company who can take a swing at this TODAY.