Stage Gov Agency Independent Contractor Background Check

Hi. If you work for a commercial company and that company is awarded a contract with a state gov agency for IT work. And we support that contract via our company. We have been told they do a finger print type background check. What kind of background check is that? Heard something about a Bootcamp if that means anything. Also what types of red flags should one consider on the background check for not being cleared?

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This forum isn’t about state government work. The process likely varies between all 50 states and we wouldn’t be able to keep up.

You might find a forum or website for your state that can provide some or all of the information that you are looking for.

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Thanks Ed.

The agency says they use OPM?

Which state is this??

You might have a state job that requires interaction with a federal agency (hence a federal PSI) - there are several in law enforcement and IT areas. Is this what you are talking about?

The state is VA. The commercial company we work for is contracted by the state gov agency to perform IT work. Fingerprints appear to be the only requirement for approval or denial. Was curious if you have a few misdemeanors from 20 years ago if that would impact a decision.

That is up to Virginia.

Did they tell you that you have to fill out an SF-85 or eQIP? I believe even for a Tier 1 you need to fill out a form beyond simply fingerprints.

My guesses if they really are using OPM that it is either a contractual arraignment between Virginia and OPM, rather than using the State Police or some other agency to do backgrounds.

They are referring to some sort of state level OPM


Someone is feeding you bad information. Had anyone mentioned CJIS, NCIC, CHRI or III to you? Those are law enforcement databases ran by the FBI and require a fingerprint background check for certain IT support