Looking to go back to college fo cyber security

So, I am looking to go back to college for cyber security. I find the subject very fascinating. Many of the jobs I look at for the future require a basic security clearance. Problem is that I don’t really want to hide the fact that I have schizophrenia in my history. Personally I think it is well managed and will improve the further I get in life. Does my mental health situation completely prevent me from a clearance? I read that they would require some kind of psych eval to test if I could relapse. Any information on this?

Congrats on your decision to go back to school!

I’m a former background investigator doing the exact same thing… same major and all.

Regarding your condition the primary concern is whether or not it will affect your ability to hold a confidence. There will be a form your doctor will be given by an investigator to fill out that’s basically “check yes or no, can this person keep a secret.” If it’s well managed and you have a good history with your doctor then I would lean towards there being nothing to worry about.

Putting all of your eggs in cleared industry is always a risk. Schizophrenia is a problematic diagnosis. It can turn on a dime, medication that has been effective can suddenly stop working and schizophrenics, generally, have a history of stopping their medication. I will also point out that the disease can manifest itself very differently in different patients. This is where your doctor comes into play.

However, I should also point out that cyber security is a growth field. Experts will be needed in many businesses not just government but internet and cable providers, banks, insurance companies and others. It’s a pretty good field to move into even if you end up not being able to clear.

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Thanks. Currently grinding through my CompTIA material while I wait for the pieces to fall into place. Already done with the A+ material and working through the net+. Working with voc. rehab to find ways to pay for the college.

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I’ve taken a Net+ class, but due to a back injury I was basically zonked out on nerve pain meds all semester so I’m going to re-study the material before taking the exam. It’s tough when the material is so dry… best of luck to you!