Losing Current Job Due to Accepting Contingent Offer for TS-SCI

I am currently working with a secret (interim) clearance for the company X (Contractor). I accepted a contingent offer from company Y for TS-SCI under a different agency (Federal employee).

Will they contact my employer?
Will my current employer let me go for being processed with another agency?
Will this create a break in service and I lose my current job, considering the TS-SCI take over 1 year to process?
What type of jobs can I get if I am let go from company X?

Any suggestions, I need an income.

Thanks in advance!

If you don’t already have your TS/SCI, then you’ll be at your current job for at least another year while waiting for that to come through before you can take the other job. So I don’t think you need to worry about anything. In the seemingly rare event that you get an interim TS, they may move you over there sooner, but I don’t think that would put your current work situation in jeopardy.