Receive Clearance After Offer From Contractor Expires

A little over a year ago, I signed a contingent job offer with a contractor before starting the process to get a TS/SCI. The contingent offer expired after a year, and the contractor isn’t responding to my emails asking about the next steps. All of the contractor’s employees have been terrible about responding to my communications from the beginning, which makes me think there is something wrong with the company. The salary they offered also isn’t as much as I think I could earn elsewhere.

I’m going to have my interview this week. If I get the clearance and don’t work for the contractor, can I take my clearance to another contractor without a problem?

Yes . . . But, you are relying on this employer to continue sponsoring you clearance. There’s no reason that you can’t go out and talk to other employers. They can, depending on information that you didn’t provide, take over the clearance sponsorship.

Sadly this is nothing unusual. I’ve heard of people being contacted like two years after an interview. The best one was a guy who went on an interview and was told he’d be getting an offer. He heard nothing, kept trying to contact the company and had the same experience you describe.

A few months later he got another interview with the same company for the same position. He was told he never got the first offer because he never replied to HR! In the end he did get the job. And this was not some small fly-by-night outfit.

(Doesnt really answer your question about the clearance but I think @EdFarmerIII made some good points)

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