Luggage Thief Denied a Security Clearance

When reading through case summaries and Report of Investigations (ROI), I always look for what a security clearance applicant’s motivation was for committing a crime, doing illegal drugs, or just plain lying about stuff. In most cases, the motivation is easy to figure out: financial difficulties, alcohol or drug dependency, or just a lack of integrity and honesty. Then there are those few cases where you shake your head and ask “what were they thinking?”. Read more here for the highlights of one such case:

The Industrial Security Clearance Decisions site has a lot of bizarre cases but this one was one of the most bizarre I’ve ever seen.

And yet again, “Credibility” is the key. Believe-ability. Those not understanding this key point are bound to quibble over a dotted “t” or a crossed “i”. I have had a handful or more of retired senior officers shoplifting, and then insisting they can pay, make it right and be done with it. It isn’t that they cannot pay, it is that they DID NOT pay. Perhaps the thrill of it? Getting away with something? Violating someone’s privacy…always possible. Poor guy only making $287K that year.


Many people steal for the “thrill” of it . . . It can be the result of trauma or other forms of mental illness but also as some people get older they simply miss the excitement of things that that they did when they were younger.

His better bet would have been to have mitigated this issue through meeting with a therapist and establishing some credible explanation for his actions. Denial is rarely sufficient.

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I fully expect cameras everywhere nowadays. Particularly baggage claim etc. They get better and better and better. Being able to show several thefts means they were watching this guy.

I read that one too. It’s beyond ridiculous. Not only that you are clearing 250k. If Life is that boring you could definitely afford to take up a hobby…

This WAS his hobby . . .

Maybe… he was being recruited and was practicing his spy craft :man_shrugging:t5:

I thought this article was an interesting read and someone commented that people steal for the “thrill” of doing it. But, I was wondering if the individual had been deployed and now that they are home, they are not stimulated the way they might have been when they were deployed or in their duties in the Military? I think it may have a lot to do with the thrill, but I also suspect the individual may get an adrenaline rush from stealing and the thrill of it. I’ve heard several friends say that adjusting back to civilian life is difficult and a less exciting. Food for thought…