Male/Female investigator ratio

Has anyone ever seen data on the percentages of male and female background investigators? It seems to be a nice 50/50 split to me but I’ve got nothing but observation to back that up.

Former manager with one of the vendors here. I never did a deep dive into this during my tenure but I’d say my gut feeling is that this is basically an accurate assessment and it was split about 50/50. Can only speak for my (former) company, however.

In the 10 years I was a employee BI for 3 different companies, I had 2 out of 8 field managers that were male and about a 3 to 1 female to male BI ratio. I can’t even guess what the reviewer ratio would be.

My gut says a true 50/50 for investigators and definitely more women in review and more men in management.

Yeah I’d agree with this, though I imagine the ratio may shift depending on where in the nation someone’s based out of, as reginv had a wildly different experience than my own.