Marijuana Use

I am applying for a DOD firefighter job and I’m worried about being able to get a secret clearance. I was an active duty military firefighter and separated in 2013 honorably after 6 years. After my separation I decided I was going to join the National Guard. Well after I filled out all the paperwork to join, I made a poor decision to smoke marijuana one night after having a few drinks at a party. When I went to MEPs it was still in my system and I failed the urinalysis which DQ’d me. This happened in February 2014. I had not used before the incident and have not used or associated with anyone that does since the incident. What are my chances of getting a secret clearance 1 year after the incident?

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Zero to none

Zero to none for one time use?

So the only time u used weed in your life, you got caught? Ummmm, right, of course.

Hey, I recently frequented a massage parlor @ red light district. I swear, it was only a massage!

I had tried it in high school over a decade ago, but yes this was a one time use. I was having a hard time dealing with the fact that my brother had just been killed overseas. I’ve read through this forum and your responses, not much on professionalism are you Issuedetector?

I believe you. I got a massage due to neck spasm. Just don’t tell my spouse.

It is not as cut and dry as some would lead you to believe. There are a lot of factors to consider and each case is based on its own merits. If as you say it was a one time thing, you no longer associate with users, you state your intent to not use again in the future, are totally honest and forthright about it and express the fact that you have learned from your mistake, etc… are all mitigators. It depends on the agency and positions for which you would need a clearance as to whether you would be granted one. Just know that someone else equally qualified with no such drug use history will be more attractive for a job offer.

Thank you Marko, the job is for a firefighter position with the Air Force. I was pretty sure the one time use, which is really what happened, would be pretty easy to mitigate, I just wasn’t sure about the failed urinalysis at MEPS. The AF can see that I did not use prior to this because I have 6 years worth of passed urinalysis while I was in. I just separated in March 2013 and I have been randomly drug tested at my job with no issues since the incident happened. Thanks again for your input.