Marijuana Use

I am applying for a DOD firefighter job and I’m worried about being able to get a secret clearance. I was an active duty military firefighter and separated in 2013 honorably after 6 years. After my separation I decided I was going to join the National Guard. Well after I filled out all the paperwork to join, I made a poor decision to smoke marijuana one night after having a few drinks at a party. When I went to MEPs it was still in my system and I failed the urinalysis which DQ’d me. I didn’t receive a DD-214 for the National Guard but I did get something called an NB-22 which is for people that were in for less than 90 days. The NB-22 says uncharacterized in the discharge box. This happened in February 2014. I had not used before the incident and have not used or associated with anyone that does since the incident. What are my chances of getting a secret clearance 1 year after the incident? Is the MEPs Disqualification considered an aggravating circumstance?

Lay off the Grass, dude. Or at least drive to Colorado and use there. Be smart about it.

Yea no kidding. It was an isolated incident, no recurring use.

Hey, I believe you wink. I recently got a msssage from woman named, “Desire.” It was only a massage, I swear!

I really don’t care what you think.