Mental Health relapse during the investigation

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I’ve been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, and was hospitalized 4 times for it in the past 10 years. Once during the investigation for secret level clearance, that I had to report to investigator during my interview. My psychiatrist would give a good prognosis if contacted by NBIB. I have no acts of violence and I am able to do my job effectively. I had two questions? What are my chances of getting cleared, and is there anything I can do to mitigate any concerns now that my application has been submitted to government by the investigator. Or is it just a waiting game at this point. Thank you.

Are you currently cleared? If so report the new treatment. Normally if the situation is well controlled by meds or counseling…you are okay. If there is risk you would act out…or act irrationally…that would enter another territory.

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Amberbunny is correct.

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As an update: my clearance was granted in November 2019. It turns out, I did not have anything to worry about. Thank you amberbunny and backginvestigator for the input. You were right.