Military clearance possible revocation situation...

Background: I’m in the process of being ADSEP. There was no security violation involved, but due to my job nature, my cdr “locally admin/unofficially suspended my clearance” about a year ago. Since it was “Unofficially” and clearly noted it, there wasn’t SOR enacted.

Upon some researches, it seems like clearance will be “LOJ” if it not being used within 2 years, to prevent its happening, I started looking for jobs by the help of “Military transition” office, and landed few/multiple cleared contractors jobs that were willing to “Park” my clearance.

There were several firms whose STATED their clients sponsors were “IC” and used a “2 pages SF-86” but called “CE paperwork”, aka “Continuous evaluation SF-86” tried to crossover my clearance under SEAD 7. I don’t know which IC and they didn’t tell me, I assumed they were 3 letters? But all those IC clients denied my transfer, finally it was successfully crossovered to a company who used SF-312, not that CE SF-86. Both of these 2 contractors who used CE need FSP and use Scattered Castle. Mine was never at Scattered Castle and I did and passed a FSP before but that agency never finally hired me for the reason other than FSP itself.

I wasn’t told whose this client sponsor is, but the program manager told me they don’t need SCI, only TS is sufficient. They told me everything was ready, just waiting for me to officially start. Since I’m still Active duty military, I’m waiting for the final approval for my adsep so that I can start. About 1 month later, I got a call from my Cdr, he said he had received a report from Division G-2, then unit S-2 that I started working for this company, he asked me"Whether you work for xxx as xxx title?(Both the company and the underlying contracting companies matched, how did they find this info? Did they periodically check DISS for each military personnel or what?" Since I haven’t officially started, I answered “No”, I was thinking by only getting an offer is not a violation of any military rule for double employment, then Cdr took my answer and didn’t ask any further questions, I was not directly questioned by S-2 or JAG about this.

3 days ago, I received a notice from this new contractor, the program manager told me “I’m no longer work for this contract” and referred me to CSSO for further questions, I talked to CSSO, she said the only notes she saw was “My clearance was revoked”. Since she isn’t FSO, she doesn’t know too much details, whether the clearance was revoked by DSCE CAS, military or the sponsored agency behind this contract, she doesn’t know anything.

On the same day afternoon, after I was told “My clearance was revoked”, I asked another IT staffing company HR manager to check whether I’m a good fit for any job openings, I also politely asked whether he can check whether my clearance was still active under DISS, about an hour passed and he told me after his FSO checked, it showed both of my “Eligibility” and “Access” are active, after confirmed my full SSN and DOB, the adjudication date even matched what I saw on my ERB.

                                            So here are my few allegations and hypothesis

Possibility 1: My clearance, read on, or access for that specific cleared contractor was reversed, after military S-2 responded their FSO(Or whatever form of communication they exchanged) that I’m still under the umbrella of military as active duty status, I’m not allowed to create a doppelganger and are not allowed to have 2nd employment, and my adsep was not finally approved. After acknowledge this situation, the contractor FSO sensed that my purpose was either probably trying to “Park” my clearance, or don’t want to wait for me for indefinite date because the pending adsep status, they decided to drop me and pursue other candidates, which means that revocation didn’t mean a DCSA CAS nor a DISS revocation, which was the best situation, I don’t need to worry about dealing with SOR or DOHA.

Challenges: If they just cut my “Access” for this contract, didn’t touch my eligibility, why later when that IT staffing FSO checked my status, it still shows both eligibility and access are active?

Possibility 2: After the division G-2 or local S-2 found out I started transferring my clearance out of the military about 20 days ago(The exact same time my Cdr called me into their office to question my 2nd employment), they soon submitted a revocation process to DCSA CAF, my clearance was indeed revoked but they wanted to play an unfair game by pretend not aware of SOR or hide that SOR from me, so I will be barred from responding SOR within 30 days for the due process, after that time elapsed, my clearance will be finally revoked.

Challenges: In military, usually(Again, usually, because military is stupid and a lot of rules are bend) there will be derivative actions following clearance revocation, like FLAG(Unfavourable personnel action) or even UCMJ events, I haven’t heard anything about the clearance FLAG non my TDS didn’t hear anything from TC(Government lawyer, trial counsel) about my clearance.

And if military decides to play this dirty games by hiding my SOR so that mine will get automatically revoked, they are just digging a big hole for them. The only reason I think this is possibility because I called a clearance lawyer and the paralegal said she had seen similar before, not sure was military or industrial players, the FSO claimed they couldn’t deliver the SOR to the subject after subject found out his/her was revoked, not sure the final outcome of that subject with DOHA.

Possibility 3: Military is playing a fair game by submitting incident report to revoke my clearance, it is just it will take some times for SOR to mailed out due to the year end holiday seasons. The only reason that IT staffing FSO was still able to see my active clearance was because there is a time lag in DISS system.

Challenges: I assumed once SOR process starts, your clearance was “Already revoked”, DOHA court or SOR are just places that can revive it. There’s no “Pending revocation”, but why IT staffing FSO saw mine was untouched under DISS? Unless DISS is not updated daily.

Possibility 4: The 1st company who offered me submitted a real DCSA CAS revocation since my clearance was under them now, not under military, because they found out I had suspicion of “Double dipping”, it will take some times to receive SOR and DOHA notice from this company.

Challenges: So just because of military told them I’m still active and facing adsep, they were sufficiently justified for the 1st company to submit to DCSA CAS to revoke my clearance? There were lots people who got OTH from military and still work for TS/SCI , Q or Yankee White jobs, why for me, the burden of proof was just so low???

Each one could be true and could be wrong. What is my best course of actions? Seeking help from my Cmd or S-2 definitely are no go, since they are very hostile towards me at this moment. I’m 200% leaving the military and want to start a new career seriously, I recently got a new and better offer that I don’t want to potentially undermine my career at them down the line because of clearance, saw too many issues on this forum for good and earnest employees.