Misconduct or negligence in employment

I understand what misconduct is (lying or cheating), but what does negligence in employment mean, particularly from a federal suitability component.

I don’t think you can ever get an exact definition. I think if you were a childcare worker and a 2 year child under your care escaped from the day care center and injured themselves…that would most likely be defined as “negligence” but we all know it’s a case by case basis just about every time.

I was told by someone that negligence may be specific for a past job, such as your child care example, but that it may or may not be applicable to the job being applied for, as an example child care vs. border patrol or TSA?

How does negligence leading to termination complicate matters? Thanks!

An adjudicator reads your story and adjudicates it’s validity looking at your “whole person concept”. Although the “ideas” of character, conduct, ethics, integrity, and trustworthiness within government service are evolving daily.

Thank you for the reply.

For Border Patrol, if someone is changing careers from a non-police/security health care career to Border Patrol, how would 7 firings for performance in the last 4 years play out for a tier 5 BI?

I’m trying to decide if i should apply for this very high level suitability/clearance high school level department job. If I do and am considered unsuitable, I could no longer apply to government jobs at lower tier levels where this would not be an issue.