What are the chances of getting a security clearance with a misdemeanor assault and battery on a family member charge. No one was injured or hurt in the incident just a big misunderstanding. I was assigned to take an anger management class and 2 years probation that’s the deal I took.

Depends on the recency, circumstances, level of clearance, and the position it is needed for. If domestic violence was involved then you are not allowed to serve in positions that require use of a weapon. If that is the only issue of concern and you have completed probation requirements then it should be able to be mitigated.

It is a secret clearance for an IT position. I took the deal in April this year and I’m still taking the class for a few more months and on probation until April 2016.

Based on the information you provided, due to the recency of the incident and the fact you are still on probation could make it an issue of concern where a letter of interrogatory is presented to you. You should be prepared to provide a response and any kind of information that may help mitigate the concerns.


What are my chances of receiving clearance (NOTfor any kind of law enforcement job) if my DV (LOWEST degree) charge was dismissed in mid-2018 (incident occurred beginning of 2017)? Is this considered too soon?

This will not disqualify you for any clearance level or position, especially if it was dismissed.

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