Mitigating criminal conduct

What is the best way to mitigate a criminal offense where you do not remember a lot of the details? This was 11 years ago and I have forgotten a lot of what happened.

I do not want to omit something or guess and be wrong as to what transpired. Does the investigation actually see the confessional statements to verify what happened?

There are only certain questions that ask have you “ever”, the others would be out of the timeline to disclose. If it is an offense that fall within the “ever” category then just listing the offense, date, location ,and disposition is enough, and it won’t even be considered an issue if no similar conduct has occurred since then.

Yes, it falls into the EVER category. It was a felony charge that ended up being reduced to a misdemeanor when I plead guilty. I have just read that it is good to provide details of what happened and to be open and honest about everything. I would think that providing more detail would be better than too little.

I haven’t had any issues with the law since then. Including traffic violates. Everything else is good. I am needing an Interim Secret clearance for a contingent job offer.