MRPT will be denied if i am fired?


I was offered my current job back in March and I accepted their offer. 2 days later I completed my eqip for MRPT and gave my employer 2 weeks notice and 2 days after that they told me “you are being fired actually bc of your timesheet discrepancies” all of a sudden after my resignation. In that case my package was already submitted for MRPT and now it is August and i still didn’t hear anything. I am scared that they will think I lied. I literally got fired 2 days after my package submission (where i said i was never fired from a job) I never received a call from an investigator either and i am nervous to lose my job. Is it possible that they will call if they think i did something wrong or just deny me without questioning?

If you can explain it in a cool-headed manner, you can explain it.

It’s not uncommon for an employer to pull the rug out from under you in a BS manner when they get wind you are leaving for another employer.


Not hearing anything since March seems like a long time. What organization?