Multiple CJOs and BIs

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I previously accepted a CJO from TLA requiring TS/SCI. Cleared FS poly, BI seems to be wrapped up. Not wanting to place all my eggs in one basket, I applied elsewhere while waiting. There is a good chance I am going to get a second CJO from a different TLA, which will also require TS, and I believe a FS poly as well.

Practically speaking, if I accept the second CJO while the first remains pending (let’s say it is in adjudication/suitability), how does that work? Can I even have 2 BIs running concurrently? If I accept a CJO from TLA #2, does that automatically stop the BI on CJO from TLA #1?

Thanks in advance for insight.

We are in the same boat.

What is a TLA? And I suppose there are more than one?

Apologies. Three letter agencies.


And when people say that they don’t mean OPM or GSA or FHA :slight_smile:

When NGA was first created it was called the National Imagery & Mapping Agency. It was General Clapper who came up with NGA and some less charitable folks said he only did it so NIMA could become a “three letter agency.”

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This happens all of the time and they will work it out. If it’s CIA and NSA they are pretty good at deconflicting that. If you happen to get your info adjudicated before you might not have to go through the entire clearance process. If you are applying for a government position, your poly will not be visible for other agencies to see until you EOD.

Very much appreciate the insight.