Multiple CJOs and BIs

Hello -

I previously accepted a CJO from TLA requiring TS/SCI. Cleared FS poly, BI seems to be wrapped up. Not wanting to place all my eggs in one basket, I applied elsewhere while waiting. There is a good chance I am going to get a second CJO from a different TLA, which will also require TS, and I believe a FS poly as well.

Practically speaking, if I accept the second CJO while the first remains pending (let’s say it is in adjudication/suitability), how does that work? Can I even have 2 BIs running concurrently? If I accept a CJO from TLA #2, does that automatically stop the BI on CJO from TLA #1?

Thanks in advance for insight.

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We are in the same boat.

What is a TLA? And I suppose there are more than one?

Apologies. Three letter agencies.


And when people say that they don’t mean OPM or GSA or FHA :slight_smile:

When NGA was first created it was called the National Imagery & Mapping Agency. It was General Clapper who came up with NGA and some less charitable folks said he only did it so NIMA could become a “three letter agency.”

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This happens all of the time and they will work it out. If it’s CIA and NSA they are pretty good at deconflicting that. If you happen to get your info adjudicated before you might not have to go through the entire clearance process. If you are applying for a government position, your poly will not be visible for other agencies to see until you EOD.

Very much appreciate the insight.

Hey guys, I want to resurrect this topic.
So, here is my situation:

  1. I am currently being processed for TS/SCI by a contractor for a DOD customer. BI completed last year, waiting for polygraph to be scheduled.
  2. Last Friday I submitted an SF86 after receiving a CJO directly from a Fort Meade agency.
  3. This morning I received a LinkedIn message from a small contractor asking me if I wanted to be sponsored by them for a position for a Mclean customer.

If I agree, this would be a third open investigation within a year. As I read, this customer isn’t taking anyone else’s BI’s, so they would start their own. I’m not sure if three open investigations is advisable… and also I’m a bit concerned that people I put on the SF86 would be contacted again. My current manager wasn’t too thrilled when I told him that someone from DOD will call him and now I have to tell him to expect another call from another three letter agency. And that’s in addition to other people from SF86 they will call again…
What do you say?

It is really hard to say. If #1 was from a DOD IC agency then #3 might not need to conduct the full investigation, just review the results. #2 should be able to use the investigation from #1 if its complete and favorable.

Only thing I can add is that I stop hearing from contractors once they check JPAS and see that I have a finished BI and a ‘passed’ CI poly. I haven’t had any experience with direct federal positions.

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I decided not to go with the third investigation.

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Meaning they figure you are most likely already in process for another job?

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When you say “stop hearing from contractors…” are you saying they lose interest in you once they see the finished BI and a “passed” poly? If so, why would that turn them off?

Sorry, I didn’t clarify. I am in process with Contractor A, but am looking elsewhere so that all my eggs aren’t in one basket either. A contract job fell through years ago and so that paranoia is always in the back of my mind. I also didn’t have a backup plan in that situation.

I have the finished BI, passed poly, no financial issues/ drugs/ foreign contacts, and previous military/ other government experience. So maybe Contractor B sees that and assumes my clearance will be finished “soon” and that I won’t be sticking around with them for long. In my limited experience, no other jobs I’ve applied to have been as “good” (mission, opportunities, pay) as the job for Contractor A, except for one. So, maybe other contractors take that into account to. This is 100% just my speculation though.

It may also turn some contractors off when they do not see a final clearance granted. They want to see a final clearance so they can put you to work as soon as possible and start billing you to the contract! :slight_smile:


Oh ya, that too. I feel really lucky that even one contractor offered to sponsor a TS/SCI, given how many positions are looking for people with active clearances.

On that point, I applied to three different positions, all under a single job category, for one contract, for one agency, at one location. Company A said the client said no because I didn’t have an active Secret. Company B said they weren’t sponsoring clearances. Company C offered to sponsor a TS/SCI and it turned out that company C is a subcontractor for Company B…

Hey guys - resurrecting this topic one more time. Appreciate the insight.

I accepted a CJO for a TLA and am a few months into my SSBI/CI Poly (i believe it’s now in adjudication). I was recently offered a more interesting contract position supporting the same TLA, but they won’t pipeline me if I have an ongoing investigation.

Is there any way to have the contract team pick up the original SSBI, since it’s all the same agency? If so, what’s the process?

I suppose it is possible but I think it depends on what kind of relationship this new company has with their contacts in security. But as a general rule, I don’t think this is easily done. Maybe if they can see that the investigation is complete, but who knows.

Anyway I suspect most companies would stay away because of the possible complications… they want to get somebody cleared and on the job as soon as possible.

When processing directly with the agency, besides recruiter who claims not being able to see where exactly I’m currently in the process, is there anyone else who can tell me whether my BI is complete and I am in adjudication? Security obviously know, but I’m not interacting with them.

I think in most agencies the HR people have very little insight into what is going on in security processing. Either that or they just dont want to know. They’re just waiting to get the approval from security (или наоборот) at which point they will start processing your final offer (or not).

I used to work as a contractor and our security people had really good working relationships with certain customers and they could get a bit more info. But if you are in process for a direct hire government position you probably won’t get that same level of info.

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