My background for clearance

In Oct. 2012 I received a misdemeanor for Indecent Exposure and the investigator asked me what happened and I told her a different story of what happened then what actually happened. Even though I told her all the full details as of the date and everything except how I actually received the charge would that disqualify me from getting my clearance?

“I told her a different story.” So, you lied about something that can obviously be proven? Have fun…


As anything in the BI process, “it depends”. The reason you provided a different story can hurt your clearance chances.

More often than not, it’s not the original issue that causes the mos concern. The process tries to determine if that issue can make you vulnerable to duress, blackmail, or coercion. This is one of the several factors the adjudicator has to make a decision. Lying about the circumstance tells the adjudicator that you are a possible risk. How much of a risk depends on the whole story and the rest of your background story.

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That may not have been the best decision. I was just reading another thread about folks who get an SOR or denial because they did not disclose all the pertinent details.