My investigator is a STAR

I just want to share my experience with my investigator.

The guy is just extremely professional.

My face to face interview was 20 days after OPR received my BI pack.

At the same week of my face to face interview, I learned that a former manager, my neighbor, my current supervisor, and my manager’s boss was interviewed.

It’s moving faster than I was expecting, and communication has been excellent.

I see most of the posts are not always the most positive.

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Thank you.

We do get some feed back through the OPM/NBIB recontact letters-but the replies are few and far.

Contact NBIB and send him some kudos!! In the climate that we are in right now, positive feedback is awesome!!


Mostly stick. No carrot.

The truth is that most . . . almost all . . . of the investigators do a great job. The vast majority of clearance applicants never even find a site like this because they go through the process with little or no trouble. Even those who have problems and show up here for help are rarely complaining about their investigator. They come here for help with their own problems or with delays that are not usually the fault of an investigator.

But, it IS nice to hear when someone is happy with the work!

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