Naci clearance for a job

Just got hired at the VA . Did my fingerprints which were fine I have a perfect background no credit problems no arrests . I’ve had a t5 open and a Naci before and a secret . Just recently got terminated from a job I was at for 2 years for excess absence which I know was a lie Bc my shifts were all covered . They must of had some sort of policy I didn’t know about . Should I call the employer and try to settle it and ask them if we can agree on mutual separation ? Should I just put terminated and explain my case ? I’m probably worrying over nothing Bc I use to do BI work and have seen people with DWIs get clearances . Any info would be helpful thank you

Having your shifts covered isn’t the same as showing up for work and doing your job. I’m not trying to be a hard ass. Just telling you the way that some people think.

Yes, you can negotiate a “mutual separation” if you company will go along with that but I don’t know what your supervisor or coworkers are going to say if they are interviewed. Otherwise, you will not a have a choice. You will have to list the termination and explain it. I don’t recommend explaining with the same attitude that you presented here. Contrition will get you much farther.

I called him and he said we could make it amicable however, that was verbal. So should I just put terminated and then explained it that we talked about that?

He certainly may back down on that talking to a government investigator.

It’s a NACI so it’s papers sent out not a BI going out

It’s easy to say that on a paper