National Guard Security Clearance

When I enlisted in the national guard I received a Secret Clearance (as far as I know). I deployed overseas a couple of years later and when I left active service and went back to my national guard status, I always heard that our clearances were no longer active.

Does anyone know if that is correct? My deployment was my only period of active service.

there are a lot of terms in your post.

You should know if you had a Secret Clearance because you would have signed your NDA when your clearance became “active” and signed the NDA again when you no longer needed access. If you don’t recall the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) then you probably did not have access (‘active clearance’). Or you don’t remember, or your unit did not complete the requirements for you to have access.

You need to review your enlisted record report to see if you had a NACLC/Tier 3 investigation - there should be a date next to it - that is when your investigation closed.

If I look at my NGB-22 it mentions a secret clearance on there in one of the blocks, but I don’t remember a NDA.

Sadly, clearance holders forgetting about the NDA is not unusual.

You will normally need to have a new background investigation if you have been out of the guard or not used your clearance in the last two years.

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You’re right, I have likely forgotten.

I was 17 y/o when I enlisted and I’m sure I had no cares about a clearance at the time.

Thanks for your input.