Navy Secret Clearence: how to report Soviet conscription 35 years ago?

A friend is obtaining a Secret clearance sponsored by the Navy for a civilian job. On the SF-86, question 15 asks about foreign military service. This friend immigrated to the US from the Soviet Union 25+ years ago, but while there had to serve the compulsory 12-month conscription which all males were required to do. My question is how does he properly report this? More importantly, is this an automatic disqualifyer from getting a clearance?

I used to be military assigned to an IC agency. There was a guy there who had a picture on his desk of himself in his Soviet Army uniform. So it is not an automatic disqualifier, especially after so much time.

More relevant would be any “close and continuing” contacts with relatives still there.

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So assuming he is now a U.S. citizen with strong ties and history in the U.S., and has no contact with Russian military or government, then it is not an issue as long as he discloses it.

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