Need help with SF86 Section 22

The question states “Have you ever been charged with any felony offense?”

I have and therefore I select yes and then continue below to fill in the details of that charge.

In one of the below boxes there is a question “Provide all the charges brought against you for this offense, and the outcome of each charged offense”

I want to make sure I fully understand this so I do not self incriminate myself. When I was arrested, I was charged with a felony threat and also a misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

Do I need to list the disorderly conduct as being a charge brought against me as a result of the “Felony Threat?” The findings of the Threat charge were misdemeanor threat. The disorderly conduct to me seems to be separate. But I do not know.

Goodness, just list all charges brought against you for the offense. If you omit the misdemeanor it is going to definitely appear like you are being dishonest. Because it will be found when they research the felony. Honesty is more important that anything in this process and you are reading way too much into the question.