Nervous about impending Interview

Hey Everyone,

In the next few days I’m finally going to do my interview with the investigator.

With that being said…I’m extremely worried about the process, and I can’t stop thinking about the things I’m embarrassed to have to explain.

First off let me say I’m a lot harder on myself than anyone else is.


  1. No Drugs EVER!!

  2. Only been arrested once in my life and that was beyond 7 years ago….So NO issues with the law.


  1. Previous issues with alcohol and self admitted outpatient treatment. 2 years sober since.

  2. Mental Health issues to include a hospitalization for 3 days back in 2018.

My mom died about a year prior and rather than dealing with it….I threw myself into my career and tried to suppress those feelings rather than addressing them.

Did therapy for a couple years and have had zero issues since.

  1. My credit is not good! Last time I checked it was about 600. Back in 2021 I lost my job, during that time I was trying to maintain the lifestyle I’d had while employed, rather than scaling back. I then ended up taking a job and relocating for said job. On top of that I was making far less than I had been before I was unemployed and ended up moving to one of the most expensive places one can live. I was literally going bankrupt while working for the job that brought me here. Made a change in March and improved my situation enough to get by and start making headway into my debts. Since March my credit score has increased 165 points….however I have a ways to go and still have negative marks showing.

This breaks my heart to have terrible credit. Struggle is a relatively new phenomenon for me. I’ve been extremely blessed for most of my life and have never had any issues with maintaining a score of 720 or more….This is extremely embarrassing!!

I admit that I definitely made mistakes and i completely understand that I am the one that put myself in the position that I’m in.

This has been a goal of mine since I can remember, and I’ll be devastated if I’m declined.

My friends and family assure me that I’m an excellent candidate and I’ll be fine….but I can’t help but go to the worst case scenario.