Never Getting An Answer

Is it possible that some agencies will just never get back to you? In other words, you passed a suitability review but they don’t really want you and don’t want to hurt your future chances by denying your security clearance, so they just never take another look at your file?

I’m coming up on three years since application and I am rapidly losing hope.

I recently contacted my senator to see if it would do anything at all. Hopefully they can at least see where I am in clearance process. I will let you know if it helps if I ever hear back from senator

Well . . . No . . . I don’t think that they care about your future chances. If they feel like you should be denied, they will not hesitate.

On the other hand . . . Is it possible that some agencies will just let you sit until they have a particular need that you meet? Sure. I would think that this is mostly in the IC where they are all pretty close to the vest anyway.