New Hire Drug Testing

When I am requested/required to go for my new hire drug testing, how do I address the anxiety medication that I am prescribed to take as needed? I don’t want to fail my drug test, but this whole situation creates anxiety and I want to take my medication as prescribed, which is “as needed.” It kind of creates a catch-22. Do I take the copy of my prescription and the bottle with me to the drug test or do I just avoid taking it at all costs despite my doctors recommendations that I take it?

Talk to your hiring HR and tell them you are on prescribed medication. They will tell you what inforamtion/actions from you they need.

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Obviously, it depends on the medication you are on, but they don’t screen for everything imaginable. the testing would be far too costly and take far too much time. In addition, it would require not just urine but blood, hair and maybe biopsy samples.

As noted, talk to your employer but also check with your prescribing physician.

Xanax - it’s classified as a benzodiazepine

I didn’t ask what you are taking. I have no way of knowing what they will test for and it’s not up to me to do a google search to find out if Xanax will show up on standard screens.

The advice that you were given still stands.

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