Polygraph and anxiety meds

I’ve never been through anything like this investigation for TS clearance before. I’m a civilian who’s never been federally employed so this is all new to me.

I take medication for anxiety as needed, and will probably feel the need to before the poly. Is this an issue? Will I be asked if I’ve taken any medication before the polygraph and will it cause problems if I have?

An NSA leaflet titled “Your Polygraph Examination” provides the following guidance:

Prior to Your Appointment

  • Get a good night’s sleep
  • Follow your usual routine
  • Take your regular medications
  • Don’t skip any meals
  • Come in with an open mind
  • It’s a unique experience each time
  • Allow enough time in your schedule
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Maybe disclose that to your polygraph examiner well in advanced so they can accommodate you. And see what they say, Best of Good luck to you!

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Polygraph operators routinely ask about any medications the subject may be taking. There is really no accommodation to be made, however. The procedure will be conducted the same way.

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