Drug Testing for Contractors

I was hired recently for a contractor BI position, scheduled for October NIPT Training. I find it really odd that I haven’t been sent for a drug screen yet. That’s usually one of the earliest steps in the hiring process for any clearance job, at least in my experience. I’ve certainly signed paperwork authorizing a drug test. Is this just an oversight on the part of my company, or does it come later, or do stateside companies just not bother with this? All my contracting experience has been overseas, so maybe things are just done differently here. Maybe they do it at NIPT?

I wonder that myself- in the same boat…

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There really seems to be no rhyme or reason to it. Most of my classmates were scheduled to do it first thing. The rest, including myself, weren’t scheduled until about two days before leaving for training.

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Oh well, it’s NBD, and it’s not like I’m hopping with impatience to go sit in a crowded clinic for two hours just so I can pee in a cup. One of the less-enjoyable ways one can spend a morning. I just wondered.

what contractor did you sign with?

SCIS. Hope I’m not throwing anyone under the bus here; that’s not my intent.

I started a new cleared position, not as an investigator, this past January and have not been drug tested. I asked about and was told, “We don’t do pre-employment testing anymore but you are subject to random testing.”

I found it interesting . . .

Hope their contract doesn’t state that they will pre-screen all applicants for drugs. I’ve never personally seen a contract that didn’t state that, but perhaps times have changed.

Trust me when I say that they are sticking closely to their contractual obligations.