Pre-Employment Process for a Contractor

Is there someone that could help spell out the process behind employment for a contractor BI position? Contact from ISN and GDIT is tragic at best, lots of “hurry and and do this” with little explanation of where I’m at in the process. I know this stuff takes time, but if I’m 6 months to a year off of starting, I need to find a job in the meantime. Just some insight from someone who has gone through the process already would be marvelous.

Here is what I have done:

I received and signed a COE Sept. '18. I have submitted a PII form for “an OPM security approval.” I have completed OPM Security and Privacy Training. I have submitted a domicile agreement and passport photos and a signature for NBIB credentials. The last few items have been relatively recent. What should I expect next? What sort of timeline am I looking at?

According to information on this blog the average time for a TS adjudication is 18 months. I’m almost at the 9 month wait time and at this point I couldn’t care less. I am looking for a new job. I interviewed for a new job a couple weeks ago and the DoD contractor told me that there is a new focus on contractors to prove why they need people with clearances. Well, duh, because the contracts require it! So, the government is still too screwed up to determine who REALLY needs a security clearance. There are other measures being taken to reduce the backlog but who knows when those changes will happen. Good Luck!

Yeah and that’s what frightens me. I can’t afford to sit and wait that long without a paycheck. I am also looking for a new job, and when the time comes I suppose I will figure out a solution. But right now, a maybe job in the potentially distant future doesn’t pay bills or put food on the table.

No . . . The contracts do not require everyone to have a clearance. Companies have a tendency to over clear personnel so that they do not have to spend money to provide classified and unclassified work areas. There’s no reason for the receptionist at the front desk to have a clearance but if the entire building is a closed area, she will have to be cleared. For the most part, there’s no reason for the accounting department to be cleared but again, it’s cheaper to make the entire building closed and then everyone needs a clearance. The only people that the contract requires to have a clearance are those who are working on classified material or who need access to areas where classified material is worked on.